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Deep Foundation Drilling – The Methods

When your building site has unsuitable material for several metres below the foundation level, a drilling company will need to take special measures to make sure that the foundation is solid.  This is when deep foundation drilling comes into play.  While a shallow foundation can be laid directly on the subgrade, for a deep foundation,…
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What is Reverse Circulation Drilling?

Reverse circulation drilling, or RC, is a form of drilling ideally suited for deep jobs and dense, rocky soils.  It uses tungsten-steel drill bits driven by a pneumatic reciprocating piston known as a hammer.  RC is a middle ground method, one which requires larger machinery and heavy drill rigs, but achieves excellent penetration, often used…
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Sustainability and Environmental Awareness in Drilling

One of the most important factors for any drilling company is sustainability.  It’s essential for any contractor to reduce their environmental impact.  Drilling is a highly complex service and it has the potential for damage to the water table and ecology of a drilling site.  In order to minimise this impact, site management and considerable…
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What is Water Well Drilling?

Everyone needs water.  But few people actually consider where their water comes from.  While you can process water from lakes, rivers, or springs, most of the water that supports residential districts comes from wells.  Whether you draw from a private well or the public wells of a municipal district, the first step is drilling.  Though…
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