BG Drilling now operates a fleet of 20 drill rigs. We have hand-portable equipment right through to big truck & tracked rigs that can drill to 2,000 m. Having such a large diverse range of rigs allows us to drill in locations and complete projects other companies can’t.

BG Drilling has invested extensively in plant and equipment over our operating tenure. We offer our clients modern, multi-purpose drill rigs and ancillary equipment that have proven time and time again in the most demanding conditions to provide our customers with solid reliability - vital in every drilling operation we undertake.

We achieve this by ensuring that our drill rigs are manufactured to the highest quality engineering standards. We also have extensive rigorous maintenance schedules and systematic checks that are integral to our daily work.

All plant and equipment is serviced to supply customer specifications and OH&S and environmental standards.

You can download PDFs for information on our equipment below:

1CE150Geotech & Environmental
2DandoTerrierGeotech & Environmental
3, 4, 8 & 12
Han-Jin8DMineral, Water, Geotech & Environmental
(Trailer Mounted)
CE180Geotech, Construction & Environmental
HydrapowerScout MK2Mineral, Water, Geotech & Environmental
7, 13, 14, 16, 17,
18 & 19 (Tracked)
CE180Water, Geotech, Construction &
Han-Jin35MultiLarge Diameter & Deep hole Drilling. Water, Mineral & Geotech
11HydrapowerScout MK2Mineral, Water, Geotech & Environmental
15Layne1800MLarge Diameter & Deep hole Drilling. Water, Mineral & Geotech
20Hydrapower850HHLarge Diameter & Deep hole Drilling. Water, Mineral & Geotech