Water Bore (Well)

water bore

water bore drilling

BG Drilling has a dedicated Water Bore section that can help with the whole process involved in accessing ground water.

Our team specialise is:

-          Obtaining water access licences (Domestic & Irrigation
-          Selecting the bore location
-          Water bore drilling (mud or air)
-          Constructing the bore (AS:2016/3189)
-          Developing the bore (AS:2016/3189)
-          Completing Form A
-          Pump testing & analysis
-          Installing the pump

We service rural & metro areas across VIC, NSW, ACT & QLD. Our Rigs can switch between air and mud depending on your sites geology. We have large diameter bits & hammers which can drill up to a 500-mm hole.

Our personnel hold drillers licences in all states of Australia.

Our services include:

-          Stock & Domestic Water Bores (Wells)
-          Recreation, Commercial & Industrial Irrigation Bores (temporary & permanent)
-          Large Diameter multi aquifer irrigation bores (up to 500 mm)
-          Injection Bores
-          Dewatering Bores
-          Ground Water Monitoring Bores

For more information Feel free to get in contact with our administration team or click on the below links.

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