The Most Common Well Drilling Mistakes to Avoid

A well can be a reliable water source that provides many benefits for your home. You'll be able to take advantage of fresh groundwater and have a near unlimited supply.

But in order to sustain this, you must drill and install the well properly. There are plenty of advancements in the technology of well drilling. However, many homeowners can still make mistakes that cost them thousands to correct.

You can avoid these common mistakes, delays, and extra expenses by following these well drilling tips.

DIY Well Drilling

You may think that taking on the project yourself can save you some money. But drilling a well isn't the same as other home DIYs. The average homeowner shouldn't dig a well for themselves, even following a well drilling guide.

Drilling for a well requires the proper knowledge for a complex situation and skill to operate the machinery. It's not as simple as just digging a hole in the ground. That's why it's best to leave well drilling to the professionals.

Hiring Someone Unqualified

You probably aren't best for the job of digging a well, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't vet the professionals just as thoroughly. Since it's best to hire a professional, you should also make sure they're qualified to drill for well water.

Look for professionals that have the required licenses and have experience drilling for well water. It's best to do your research and read through previous testimonials before hiring a company to do the job.

Digging First

It might seem like you're speeding the process along but digging a hole before drilling is actually a huge mistake. One of the most important well drilling tips to remember is digging first will only make the hole bigger than it needs to be.

This mistake can slow down the process and create more work to do in the future. It's best to start with the drill pipe and begin drilling before continuing on with any other necessary equipment.

Not Hiring a Surveyor

Yes, you need someone to operate the drill. No, you don't only want to hire drillers. To ensure that your well is installed seamlessly, you should also hire a surveyor. Specifically, look to hire a water surveyor.

A surveyor will find the right spot to drill to tap into a water source for your well. Hiring a surveyor will also prevent you from hitting any underground piping or electrical equipment you wouldn't see from the surface.

Avoid Costly Well Drilling Mistakes

Well water can provide your home with almost an unlimited supply of fresh groundwater. While this method has many benefits, it can quickly create major issues if not done correctly.

A well must be properly drilled and installed to provide a reliable water source. Mistakes during the well drilling process can end up costing you thousands of dollars and delay your access to water.

It's essential to avoid well drilling mistakes by hiring a professional drilling company. Allow us to handle the process from start to finish. Contact our experts to receive more information about our services.

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