What is Concrete Coring and When Do We Need It?

So, depending on the kind of projects you’ve worked on in the past, a few different things might come to mind when you think of concrete coring.  In the drilling world, concrete coring is the process of cutting or drilling through concrete, whether ceilings, walls, or floors.  And generally, it’s not used for the DIY stuff, like putting small holes in a wall for furniture or hangings.  Concrete coring is the sort of thing that you’ll want to work with a professional drilling company for, to save time and headaches and to make sure it’s done right.

However, there’s another type of coring as well, and it’s used more in the construction field.  This is the process of creating a concrete core for a building.  The use of a concrete core in construction is helpful when dealing with massive structures like skyscrapers and towers, as well for a number of other purposes.  And, if that wasn’t confusing enough, you may hear the terms used loosely to describe the professional removal of excess concrete.  So, to cut through the confusion and determine if you actually need professional drilling contractors for your coring job, let’s have a closer look at each:

Concrete Coring in Construction

In some building designs, you’ll want a solid centre of concrete.  This can be helpful for several reasons.  One, as mentioned above, is for structural support.  Extremely tall buildings might employ a solid core of concrete reinforced by structural steel for load bearing purposes.  In other cases, a concrete core might be used to surround vaults, safes, or safe rooms.  Plus, this is a favoured method of construction when creating elevator shafts.  This form of concrete coring often comes into play when building high-rises or other massive structures.

Concrete Coring in Concrete Removal

When discussed in terms of concrete removal, the term coring is used loosely.  It’s less about actual coring and more about professional cutting, sawing, and drilling to eliminate excess concrete for renovation.  While this isn’t the sort of thing that you’ll need a professional drilling company for, using an expert can ensure that your site isn’t chokes with concrete dust and that the removal is done as efficiently as possible, both in terms of time and budget.  So, if your project involves loads of excess concrete that needs to be gotten out of the way before you can get the real work going, it’s well worth your while to seek out a company that specialises in this type of removal.

Concrete Coring in Drilling

As you might have guessed, here’s where the work of a drilling professional comes into play.  Most commonly, this applies to construction as well.  Sometimes, you’ll need to create a pile foundation to give a building more structural integrity.  This has the benefit of transferring the load of a building into the soil beneath, helping it to stand up to stresses that come from flooding, cold weather, or severe weather fluctuations.  In these cases, piles made of concrete, wood, or steel are poured or pounded into the soil.  When working with concrete piles, you’ll need to core the tops of the piles so that they can be securely connected to the pile caps.

Another use of concrete core drilling is to take sample cores of poured concrete so that they can be strength tested by quality assurance companies.  This can be essential to make sure the strength of your concrete is sufficient for the loads placed upon it.  Most often, this form of drilling is done in collaboration with these quality assurance companies, to make sure that the strength testing is done according to specifications.

If you have questions about concrete coring, or you’d lie to discuss the drilling needs of your project, feel free to contact us.  At BG Drilling, we are dedicated to providing you the highest quality of experience and service at reasonable rates.

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