Three Services Offered by Water Well Drilling Companies in Australia

Did you know that one of the countries that use the most reverse circulation drilling is Australia? There are two reasons for this.

The first is that reverse circulation drilling is faster than other types of drilling. The second is that water well drilling companies can offer this service.

Water well drilling companies can provide a wide variety of services apart from the obvious one of drilling water wells. Reverse circulation drilling is just one of these other services.

Let us take a closer look at what these companies can offer.

Water Well Drilling Companies and Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling or diamond coring is a method of mineral exploration drilling that produces a solid core sample. This sample is then used to make geological examinations of the surface. It is the option that provides the most accurate information on the deposit.

Diamond core drilling uses a drill bit encrusted with industrial diamonds. It is mounted on a core barrel attached to a drill string and which is connected to a rotary drill rig.

Although it is a slower type of drilling than reverse circulation and air core drilling, it is the most accurate option.

Reverse Circulation Drilling

Another type of service that water well drilling companies offer is reverse circulation drilling. RC drilling works to collect rock samples as quickly and efficiently as possible using a large rotary drill and an air compressor.

RC drilling uses dual wall drill rods that are made up of an outer drill rod containing an inner tube. These hollow tubes allow the transportation of drill cuttings to the surface to be a continuous process.

If you are in the early stages of an exploration process, this is the right choice because of its speed and lower costs per metre.

The best water well drilling companies have fleets of RC drill rigs capable of different hole depths. They have truck and track mounted options, and small and large scale packages to fit into any site.

Exploration Drilling

Water well drilling companies can offer exploration drilling services. Before developmental drilling can take place, you need exploration drilling. It can allow you to get accurate temperature measurements, rock samples, and fluid samples for chemical analysis.

For many aspects of a project, geophysical methods are effective. If you need the most accurate readings, however, you need exploration drilling.

There are diverse types of exploratory drilling. These include exploratory wells, core holes, slim holes, and thermal gradient holes. Exploration drilling uses drill holes that are shallower and smaller to drill.

It allows for subsurface data-gathering which can inform you on what to expect from the site before you move on to the development stages of a project.

Choose Experienced Companies

For any drilling needs you have, you want to turn to water well drilling companies with experience and dedication. At BG Drilling, we are here to provide exploration drilling, construction assistance, reverse circulation drilling, and much more.

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