What Is Mineral Exploration Drilling, Anyway? Your Complete Guide

You can’t help but to wonder what lies beneath the surface of the earth. What types of minerals exist, and where?

Fortunately, with the right mineral exploration drilling approach, you can literally uncover valuable mineral sources and learn where they are located.

Of course, this may leave you asking, “What is mineral exploration drilling, anyway?” Here’s a rundown on what you need to know about mineral exploration drilling in 2020.

Let’s dig in (so to speak)!

Rotary Drilling
As a general rule of thumb, the mineral exploration process involves producing rock samples and chips using rotary drilling.

Rotary drilling allows you to gather detailed information regarding rock fabric, mineral content, and rock types. A common type of rotary drilling is rotary air blasting, which happens to be the simplest and least expensive mining exploration technique.

With this technique, you use a roller-cone or blade bit to break and cut rock using a blade attached to a drill stem that rotates. During this process, compressed air cools the bit. The air then goes back to the surface, carrying with it the chips of rock that the bit created.

This form of rotary drilling is generally used in soft rock material. You can also use it for drilling through decomposed soil and rock to obtain a fresh sample of rock.

In other words, it is excellent for drilling through any material that is poorly consolidated and weathered.

Also, as a whole, rotary air blasting is helpful for geotechnical and environmental drilling, along with site investigation.

Diamond Drilling
Another strategy that some drilling contractors use is diamond core drilling. This drilling approach involves the use of a diamond drill bit.

The benefit of diamond core drilling is that it doesn’t require a lot of equipment. However, it can be relatively costly and time consuming.

With diamond drilling, you drill through layers of rock using a pipe featuring industrial diamonds. A rock core can then be obtained from the pipe’s center. This core can easily be used as a rock sample to analyse its composition.

This drilling technique is most appropriate to use at investigation sites located in remote areas.

How We Can Help with Mineral Exploration Drilling
We offer top-of-the-line mineral exploration drilling services in Australia.

We combine our solid industry expertise and innovative technology for drilling to safely and efficiently perform site investigations and complete projects.

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Get in touch with us to learn more about our drilling services and how they can add value to your project and operations in the months and years ahead.

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