BG Drilling specialises in road pavement investigations & test pits. We have purpose built rigs that can stream line the whole process of cutting concrete/Bitchem to collect samples of sub surface material. We have recently completed 3 major projects including; B-Line (Military Road/Split Road), South West Connect, Newcastle Light Rail.

We also have small excavators with auger attachments if your projects require them. All personnel are inducted to work inside the rail corridor.

Services Include:

  • Concrete Coring up to 2 m thick (40-500 mm)
  • 150 mm Auger up to 10 m deep
  • 300 mm auger up to 10 m deep
  • 450 mm auger up to 5 m deep
  • Test Pits
  • DCP
  • SPTs
  • U75 & U63 sampling
  • Window Sampling 50, 63, 75, 85 mm